Wayne Sutton - The Cult Mind Induction Method

Discover why the nations latest anti-homosexual movement offerd Mr. Sutton a full 25% of the members associations dues for LIFE to help them in their recruiting and persuasion tactics!

Learn why Wayne charges in excess of $550.00 per hour for personal recruiting and manipulation strategy planning – and learn how you can control others OR protect yourself from being persuaded!

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Wayne Sutton is a master persuader that has personally studied multitudes of different people discovering their internal desires, thoughts, and decision making processes.

Reason two: With detailed experience in the field of nlp, hypnosis, linguistics, and psychology he has mastered the subtle art of covert persuasion.

Reason three: His secrets are taught in over 9 countries to thousands of people just like you!

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive when you simply buy this powerful course now

– The 4 types of people (The ONLY 4) that exists in the world – and how to covertly persuade all 4 at the same time!

– The secret method brainwashing that NO ONE can detect – and is used in child development and psychology… or should be if it’s not!!

– How to gain power and respect from others… by “first” giving up all of your power and respect!

– What To Say… When To Say It… And When To Keep Quiet! Never be at a loss for words again – and make damn sure your words entrance their thoughts and control their decisions!

– How to control the “non-conformist” to follow you their entire life!

– How people implant false memories within seconds!

– The Values And Beliefs Revealer! What makes them tick? And how do you get inside their thoughts and desires!

– When to be very specific and when and how to be hypnotically vague!

– Cunning Language! How to use deceptive language to reach inside their very soul!

– How The Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormon church, and other groups maintain loyalty with a secret covert set of tools!

– Learn how Jim Jones convinced over 900 people to drink poison! This is not for the weak or criminal minded person!

– Integration Secrets! How to easily and naturally apply these powerful and life altering techniques to make YOU successful with ANYONE… PERIOD!


Name Course: Wayne Sutton – The Cult Mind Induction Method

Sale Page | Value: $99 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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