The Exceptional Man – Andrew Ryan

Table of Content

01. The Ultimate Closer (1 Pdf)

02. The Hookup Blueprint (5 Audios)

03. The Strip Club Secrets (5 Videos, 1 Audio)

04. Superhuman Confidence (1 Audio, 1 Pdf)

05. Social Superstar (5 Audios)

06. 50 Irresisteble Openers (2 Pdfs)

07. Bedroom Rockstar (3 Videos)

08. 66 Texts (8 Videos, 3 Pdfs)

This inspirational book is guided by a beautiful, Biblical definition of love. It is a collection of intimate poems for people in love and seeking love, based on God, the center of love. Each poem opens the reader to insights, reflections, exercises, and focused prayer to assess and develop exceptionality in oneself, that special person, and one’s love relationship. We highly recommend this book for showing how an exceptional relationship is possible and glorifies God!

Ryan Reynolds is one of the best-dressed men in the world

Though he may already be known the world over as a style icon, Reynolds outdid himself on Thursday night when he appeared on “The tonight show starring jimmy Fallon”  to promote his new Pokémon movie, “Detective Pikachu.”

The actor showed off the perfect summer suit, elevated by an inspired selection of accessories.

Best of all was his pocket square, which complemented the tone of his suit without matching it completely.

Jack Stammers of  Jack Davision Bespoke  tailors in London told Business Insider that the patch pocket gave the blazer a sportier, informal feel.

Reynolds also wore an $11,600 Omega watch and some fun patterned socks.

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