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The Renaissance Man. 

Why does he carry such a title?

What does he stand for? 

Who is he? 

While numerous different individuals could have been called Renaissance Men throughout history – from Imhotep (2650 BC), Zhang Heng (78-139), Ibn Rushd (1126-1198), Leonardo DaVinci (1452-1519),  Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765), to even the more modern examples such as Steve Jobs (1955-2011) and Elon Musk, with each adding their own incredible contributions to multiple fields, there is one characteristic…

One single, distilled essence that filled each man with the power to shatter the bonds of perceived reality of the time…

One quality that set them apart from all the rest…

Their unyielding, dreaming spirit and relentless drive for self-expression.

Renaissance Man is a subliminal designed to shatter the blocks on self-expression that you have – be they self-made or forced onto you from the outside – and allow you to unleash your creative spirit and explore the endless mystery of life and reality. 

On Renaissance Man, you will plunge yourself into discovery of beauty in all forms. The limits you have between yourself, the world and the people around you will blur, creating a powerful new fascination with life and inner knowing of all that is happening around you. You will feel yourself becoming freer and freer – The Renaissance Man is the ultimate free-thinker, and no emotions can be left unfelt, be they the highest pleasures of love or the lowest pangs of fear. 

Sound intense? It is. 

However that is the power of the Renaissance Man. Pure intensity and zest for life coalesced into the form of a man, allowing him to use such intense states and connection with everything around him to create masterworks of art (of any form, be it dance, photography, writing, etc.) and use it to excel in anything that has an artistic or creative aspect to it (such as programming, security, theoretical physics etc.). Indeed, some of the greatest masterpieces of humanity were created by utilizing the power of emotion.

As a newly rising Renaissance Man, you will see your ability to connect with others increasing massively owing to this intensity. You will become able to feel what others feel and sense their thinking.

But Renaissance Man is the ultimate free-spirit, so he must not be overwhelmed or else his mission will be in jeopardy. For this reason, the Renaissance Man, similar to StarkQ, has a frame of steel alongside an almost fanatical belief in himself and his creative goals, creating a powerful field that seems to pull others into his vision, allowing him to become a profound thought leader if so desired while protecting him from being overwhelmed by the emotions of the world around him. 

The Renaissance Man is the soulful and emotionally-liberated alpha who receives respect and adoration of others through his intense love and fascination of life – by releasing his chains of logic and plunging deep into the world of emotions, dreams and creativity. 

Indeed, as a Renaissance Man, you will feel completely unburdened by risk and experimentation. Risk only adds to the spice of life for you (of course, with safety scripting), and you will experiment with putting the wildest ideas into real life. 

A dreaming wanderer, the Renaissance Man is the creator of worlds through the sheer power of creativity and fervour. He streams across the clouds, builds his own worlds, flies and flows through them with his limitless soul…

But to realize such worlds and bring them into reality, the Renaissance Man has scripting to help you put these ideas into concrete action, as well as manifestation of opportunity, wealth, and other individuals who can help you on your journey. Creating masterpieces will become easier and easier as Renaissance Man guides you to the optimal flow state, as well as mood. It will help you get through any creative blocks while teaching you how to easily put the grand ideas you have in your mind into reality, in the most profound way possible.

In fact, Renaissance Man will also be generally developing your skills of art, guiding you to the proper techniques and giving you the ability to research the techniques of others, even perhaps those of the ancients. 

You might wonder how does Renaissance Man differ from Ultimate Artist… Ultimate Artist is extremely focused on advancing your art (in any form) and skill in it, while the Renaissance Man is a subliminal affecting multiple areas and helping you join the exclusive club of Renaissance Men. Just like Stark has some small aspects of Mogul, so does Renaissance Man have some aspects of Ultimate Artist, but they are ultimately for different purposes. 

Furthermore, while you could run Ultimate Artist even if your aim was not art specifically but creativity, the Renaissance Man has a plethora of other aspects that will benefit those who have no interest in art in any form.



Name Course: Subliminal Club - Renaissance Man

Sale Page | Value: $34.99 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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