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Social Media Decoded is not for men who think they deserve the best. It's your call. In the course we added a new demonstration video to show you the full process Dan, A.K.A Badboy is going through to schedule new dates with Model Quality Women. And you can do exactly the same following Social Media Decoded system.

IS Social Media Decoded RIGHT FOR YOU?


  • But I’m not good looking enough to get girls on Instagram
  • I already use Dating apps, why would I use Instagram?
  • I don’t want to spend my whole day on Instagram just to get girls!
  • Sounds good, I’ll think about that
  • Bullshit. There’s no way this bald guy is getting Model Quality women on Instagram.
  • This sounds too good to be true, how is that possible?

The Program Includes: 

Building A Magnetic Profile ($457 Value)
350 + minutes of premium video lessons on constructing an "Alpha Type", attractive Instagram profile to get the top 10% of "model quality" women Fascinated by you, without flexing a lavish life style or a 6 pack.

 Seductive Pre-communication ($197 value)

Most guys get it wrong and try to "attack" right away,
usually way too soon.

I will show you exactly how to build attraction by using pre communication with likes, comments,
and indirect DM's to a point where she
won't be parrying for you to make a move.

Intriguing "Story" Maestro ($297 value)
I will show you how to present a fun life style
that All women want to be a part of,
while being authentic and humble with your REAL life.

You don't even have to leave your house.
this will get hundreds of women passively
attracted to you, and even DMing you.

Addictive Texting Mastery Course ($427 value)
Texting REALLY matters.
Most attractive women lose interest in the texting part,
because men usually suck at it.
Mercy and I have refined our texting skills to be
the most effective with 9's and 10'.

I’ll walk you step-by-step, with texting skills that create
"The Spark" and playfulness,
which make you irresistible for her.

Bonus 1: 1x1 PERSONAL Phone Session with our Team ($357 value)
45min session with Badboy himself or one of our Team experts to
build a "tailor made" plan for you to conquer all your dating & relationship goals.

Bonus 2: Instagram Story Templates ($127 value)
I want to make this super EASY for you.
Get all of our PROVEN story plug-and-play templates for INSANE reactions from your female followers and
turning them into your Fans.

Bonus 3: Instagram Feed Photo Collection ($97 value)
Life style photos without you in them are surprisingly essential
while attracting women on Instagram.

Women care about your life style
much more than your looks.

Get my stack of life style photos,
to instantly post on your feed.

These are proven to trigger women's interest.
*It's impossible to know that you didn't take these

Bonus 4: Instagram Unicorn Algorithm Finder ($127 value)
From traveling to 52 different countries.
We found that in any city around the world there are
Unicorns - the hottest girls with the least amount of male competition.

I'm going to teach you how to use the IG algorithm to find and
attract these girls.

Bonus 5: First video/phone call formula ($197 value)
Once you have all these options with these amazing women,
a First call with a girl could be embarrassing or uncomfortable
but could also be your Biggest weapon.

What if you'd knew Exactly what to talk about and how,
to guarantee a fun flowing conversation, while most men hide
behind the screen forever.

This is the easiest way to lead into a date,
So I have you covered for this one.


Name Course: Social media decoded dating - Dan

Sale Page | Value: $197 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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