Scott Jeffrey - Shadow Training 2.0

Who is Scott Jeffrey?

He is the founder of CEOsage, a transformational leadership agency and resource for self-actualizing individuals read by over 2 million people each year.

What is Shadow Training?

Shadow Training is an in-depth, online course designed specifically for individuals committed to their psychological development, spiritual growth, and self-mastery.

Most of the literature you’ll find on the shadow is written by academics (mostly the Jungian community). While this information is valuable, it’s mainly written for a “professional” and tends to be theoretical in nature.

Shadow Training is designed to be highly practical and easy-to-follow for the layperson. No prior experience necessary. Shadow Training 2.0 is unique. It’s unlike that you’ll find anything like it anywhere else.

This hands-on program gives you all the theory, tools, and methods you need to make rapid progress in your psychological development.

Finally get to know and integrate your shadow so you can resolve internal tension and return home to your self!


Name Course:  Scott Jeffrey - Shadow Training 2.0

Sale Page | Value: $497 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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