RSD Luke - The Social Circle Blueprint 2.0

The Social Circle Blueprint will OBLITERATE your limiting beliefs and SHATTER your perception of what is possible, and what “success with women” really means.
The Social Circle Blueprint will REDEFINE your reality with hard-hitting, ground-breaking content that EXPLODES your old patterns of perception and installs new hyper-effective systems that get you CRAZY RESULTS.

The Social Circle Blueprint is unlike anything else that has ever been put out, I will give you CRYSTAL CLEAR frameworks for high-level social success.

The Social Circle Blueprint will push the envelope of what you thought was possible in game, and it will push it FURTHER.

The Social Circle Blueprint will instill new patterns of behavior that will completely transcend your previous paradigms, and push you into a heightened state of existence.

The Social Circle Blueprint Will:

Show you the crystal-clear path for tapping into your internal seduction mechanism, pinpoint the 20% of your game that you need to focus on, and bring focus to the critical leverage point you ABSOLUTELY have to hit in order to MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS.
Discover the minimum effective dose that you need to put in in order to get the result that you want. As soon as you pinpoint this dynamic, you will realize that doing less will actually get you laid more and with hotter women, because you no longer have to “push yourself through” an interaction or spend a crazy amount of effort just to get mediocre results.
Give you a rock-solid framework for taking your existing social circle and maximizing it. Not only that, I will show you how you can tap into other people's social circles, and not only become a welcomed participant in them, but how you can get yourself IN THE CENTER… and BECOME THE CIRCLE.


Name Course: RSD Luke - The Social Circle Blueprint 2.0

Sale Page | Value: $297 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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