[Special] Ross Jeffries – The Elite Speed Seduction Super–Stars Academy

“I’ve Guided More Men To Stunning Levels Of Success With Women Than Every Other Coach Combined. I’m Ready To Make You A World Class Master Of Muff… If You Can Meet Three Simple Conditions.”

What kinds of things are you easily going to master under my expert guidance?

How about:

  • Using language to rapidly establish connection and attraction without having to go on formal “dates”;
  • Dating younger women (especially for men in their 40s and 50s);
  • Out-kicking your coverage – pulling women you have previously (and falsely) believed were out of your league;
  • Getting out of the “friend zone” and into The [email protected]@K Zone;
  • Developing the ability to easily meet women anytime, anywhere… even if you have not yet been introduced;
  • And much, much more!

During these sessions (including two, personal, PRIVATE phone conversations), I’ll:

  • Address your unique situation
  • Answer any and all of your personal questions, and guide you to the exact tailor-made solutions that will powerfully and completely work for you
  • Rocket you past any hidden stuck points and “belief blocks” that may be sabotaging your success with women
  • Do some seriously great teaching on the subjects you and your fellow “seduction soldiers” tell me you most want to master, such as:

         -Swiftly arousing her in minutes – even (perhaps ESPECIALLY) when you aren’t close to being her type!
    – Mastering the different ways of creating instant states of incredible emotional connection!
    -Quickly using your skills to induce her immediate sexual readiness!
    -Opening her mind for instant and total sexual acceptance!
    -Quickly leaping past your sticking points, so you enjoy a rocket-ride to total power with women!

These are formatted for you to watch on your smart device or your laptop, and are easily downloadable, 24/7.

I cover topics like:

  • From Meeting To Bed In 20 Minutes
  • Success With Younger Women, Older Women, Religious Women… You Name It!
  • Getting Girlfriends To Do Kinky Sex
  • Seduction Poetry For Instant Arousal
  • 4 Kinds Of Seduction Confidence That Get Girls’ Blood Pumping And Panties Moistening
  • My Critiques Of “Hidden Camera” Pick-Ups Submitted By Students
  • And Much, Much, MUCH More!


Name Course: Ross Jeffries – The Elite Speed Seduction Super–Stars Academy

Sale Page | Value: $997 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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