Pavel Tsatsouline – Kettlebells StrongFirst

What Will You Learn?

You do not have to be a fighter to train like one.

Elite fighters are known for their explosive power, crushing grip, bullet-proof abs, ruthless endurance, and single digit bodyfat. Only one training tool can deliver it all in one tight package

—the Russian kettlebell.

We invited the #1 expert, Pavel Tsatsouline who started the kettlebell revolution, to design an aggressive minimalist program for our black belts—and now we make it available to you.

Learn the highest yield exercises and revolutionary programming:

  • The Swing—develop powerful glutes and incinerate fat
  • The Get-Up—build resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs
  • The Clean-and-Jerk—mold a rugged back and legs that never quit
  • Gold medal Russian anti-glycolytic programming—unlike anything you have seen
  • Get more from your training than you give—increase your energy instead of draining it with “metcons” and “smokers”
  • “Plug-and-play”—waste no mental bandwidth deciding what to do today

Kettlebells StrongFirst. Get ready for the fights of your life.


Name Course: Pavel Tsatsouline – Kettlebells StrongFirst

Sale Page | Value: $97 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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