Paul Mascetta - Advanced Hypnotic Language Bootcamp

From Clinical Environments to Closing the Sale, Discover How You Can Bypass the Conscious Mind of Anyone and Use Hypnotic Language Patterns to Gain Control of Virtually ANY Situation.

If you've ever wanted to discover the secret to influence, persuade and gain compliance from others without being pushy, manipulative or coercive and have them feel good about it.

Then this may be the most important letter you ever read. So whether you're a:

  • Salesperson who needs to increase your sales…
  • Coach or consultant who needs to persuade your clients more effectively…
  • Public speaker who wants to learn how to captivate and influence audiences on a mass level…
  • Parent who needs an unruly child to start listening…
  • Or simply someone who wants to learn how to get others to do what you want without dealing with resistance or combativeness…

But Here's The Best Part..

You don’t have to be a natural “people person”, born salesman or a communication expert to make these techniques work.

And to prove it to you I need to tell you a little story.

I promise it will be quick and it’s important that you hear it so you understand how these techniques can help you become a master of hypnotic communication.

For years, I got by in the sales industry with my ability to strike up conversations with people.

But in the end, that just wasn’t good enough.

Sales is a tough industry, unless, you are part of the super-elite salespeople who basically write their own paychecks.

The only checks I was writing were to pay bills, and most of the time they bounced.

I was an average sales-person at best.

And the only time my paychecks were somewhat decent was when I worked 75 to 80 hours a week (which is like having two jobs).

Long story short, my girlfriend and I were living up in a 2 room basement apartment with mice everywhere and a baby on the way.

The bathroom was so small that I had to step outside of it to dry myself after a shower.

My bank account was negative $102 from all the overdrafts and I was eating tuna out of the can on a daily basis.

At one point, we actually used cash advances from credit cards to pay the rent.

As you can imagine, at that rate not only was I broke, but I was also knee deep in debt.

I decided I needed to make a change very quickly or else I would just keep sinking.

How I Stumbled Upon These Master Level Compliance Techniques

I started searching for as many self-improvement resources as I could get my hands on as well as sales books so that I could further develop my craft.

Day in and day out, I sacrificed as much sleep as I could and used that time to download information to my mind.

One day a friend of mine gave some hypnosis cd’s that were designed to help me become a better communicator.

Honestly I thought it was a bunch of crap so I put them to side for a while.

I thought hypnosis was complete BS.

People on stage being put into a trance and clucking like chickens?

Come on…gimme a break.

So I kept on trucking….

Reading sales book after sales book.

Learning technique after technique.

But I kept running into an issue.

Every time I would try a sales technique on someone it would seem to backfire causing the prospect to get annoyed and leave.

And it felt very un-natural.

So instead I would resort back to my default mannerism of just being a nice guy and keeping things conversational.

And while that worked better than trying to use hardcore sales techniques it still wasn’t good enough because people were walking out the door without buying anything.

I was missing that magic element that brings the technique together with the conversational tone.

As I started reading and learning more about communication strategies I came across NLP.

I quickly learned that Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the creators of NLP) built the world-renowned Milton Model of communication based on when they observed the “almost magical” communication powers of a hypnotherapist named Dr. Milton Erickson.


Name Course: Paul Mascetta - Advanced Hypnotic Language Bootcamp

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