Nick Krauser – Younger Hotter Tighter

We join my story in January of 2013, as I began my fifth year since making a fateful decision to become a 'pick-up artist'. That decision came at the lowest point in my life, three months after my Japanese wife divorced me. I'd taken the separation badly, blaming her for the hurt it had caused me. As time passed I met lots of women, and with several developed strong emotional connections. As the wounds healed the journey I'd embarked upon led me in unpredictable directions.  

My first major realization had been that I sucked with women. I'd been in serious denial about my real sexual market value, and about my skills in seduction. Despite making my first cold approach in early 2009, I didn't get laid until midnight rang in the new year of 2010.  

I soon strung together twelve consecutive months of banging a new girl each month. Some of the girls were rather hot, including a Russian catwalk model. However, once having achieved my initial objective to "get girls," I then had another major realization: I wasn't a very nice person. I certainly wasn't terrible, and I'd never committed a serious crime or caused anyone serious hurt, but... I was a bit of a cunt.  

I worked hard on becoming less of a cunt throughout 2011. I submitted myself to deep inner-game therapy, attempting to focus in on and then straighten out every tangle in my mind. It worked well in improving my relations with women.

As a result, in 2012, the quality of girls I dated shot up.  In late 2012 I had my third major realization...


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