Mark Cunningham - The 50 Shades Effect

Jasmine is an attractive all-American girl. (She reminds me of a young Sandra Bullock.)

But she was frustrated at her ability to fully enjoy being a woman.

That was until she answered our ad.

An advertisement that specifically asked for women who wanted to have a 50 Shades Of Grey experience.

We were looking for a woman who was fascinated with the concept of dominance and submission. But had never experienced it, other than perhaps in fantasies.

The interesting thing is Jasmine was a control freak.  Holy cow does she like to be in control!

P.S. What she says is a good preview of what I reveal about what every guy needs to know about 50 Shades Of Grey in my soon to be released program “The 50 Shades Effect”.

P.P.S. This video also a preview of content in the Renegade Hypnotist Project. All of Jasmine’s 50-Shades of Gray sessions are available in the training area.


Name Course: Mark Cunningham - The 50 Shades Effect

Sale Page | Value: $197 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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