Jedi Mini Tricks and Dark Side Mind Tricks

Who Are The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks For?

In my estimate, there are 5 kinds of guys The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks are for.

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions below, The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks are probably an extremely good fit for you right now. See if you qualify!

  1. Is there a certain girl you have your eye on right now but haven’t been able to get her yet?
  2. Would you like to start attracting and dating even hotter girls right now than you’ve been currently?
  3. Are you currently in a sales-related position and would like to increase your income by up to 300%?
  4. Do everyday issues throw you off your game and affect your emotions? Would you like to be more carefree, nonchalant, ice cold about those things?
  5. Are you the rare kind of guy who hates the idea of settling for anything and wants to always keep getting better and better in life, so he can keep achieving more and more too?

What The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT..

The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT A Lengthy, Drawn-Out Seminar.

Live Events are amazing experiences and invaluable, when you attend the right ones. But The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks are not JC on stage, recorded in front of a live audience of 2,000 or 600 people. They were each filmed in an intimate, luxury boardroom in Newport Beach, California.

The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT A Long Boring Fluff Book.

Don’t you hate buying a big book, flipping through and realizing half of it just fluff? And filler? I don’t get how this is still so common today with so many of the so-called “experts” out there. You know how Jason Capital rolls, you get none of that here.

The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT A Lot Of Theory That Only Sounds Good on Paper.

Go ahead. Search “Persuasion and Influence” in any major online study database. You’ll get nearly 22,000 study results just for 2016 alone!

It wouldn’t be hard for anyone to parrot back this research and sound really smart. But I don’t give a shit about making you sound smart, I care about making you UNSTOPPABLY EFFECTIVE at winning others to your way of thinking. That’s why my team and I went through all the most relevant studies of this year and the past 50 years in bringing you what really matters with The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks.

You get all the power of the latest and most-powerful research without having to go through it.

The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT A Bunch of Over-Promises.

Together we’ve built the Team Capital Empire with no money spent on advertising. We are pure word-of-mouth and friends referring friends.

Think about this as that one crosses your mind: No other dating advice company on the planet, from the biggest to the smallest, can make that claim. They can’t because after you buy one of their programs, you realize they put all their time into the marketing and none into the trainings, and no one becomes a repeat customer.

If you’re reading these words right now, it’s likely you are a Jason Capital repeat customer (there are more than 12,0000!!!!). The only reason that happens is because we promise strong and then deliver even stronger. As usual, The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks are no differentThe 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT Re-Hashed Information.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but something’s changed in Jason Capital in 2016. As Dan Pena would say, “I’ve matured!”. I have an amazing girlfriend who I love and worships the ground I walk on, I wear suits (sometimes) and I’ve been a multimillionaire for several years NOW. (And I’m only 27.)

The point is, I’m growing stronger and more powerful than ever before and as a result, the technology I’m sharing with you is growing stronger and even more powerful than ever before too. What you’re about to discover inside The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks most of my top guys have never seen, spoken or heard. This is brand-new, and it’s only the beginning The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks Are NOT Time-Exhaustive… You’ll Have Jedi Power In Under An Hour!

Pop quiz: What’s the most valuable resource you have? You might think it’s money, if you’re low on it (scarcity creates the perception of value) but it’s not. The answer is your time.


7 Jedi Mini Tricks + 3 More

7 Dark Side Mind Tricks + 3 More

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Name Course: Jedi Mini Tricks and Dark Side Mind Tricks

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