Highden - Call to Temple

Call to Temple is six week journey into the mysteries of soul initiation. These teachings form the foundations of curriculum at Highden Temple, a mystery school in New Zealand.

We are delighted to open our six week supported programme which commences 8th Feb 2021.  Join a global group of participants undertaking the course in unison supported by a core team of teaching staff from Highden Mystery School.

Alternatively you can start and complete his course in your own time and at your own pace.   

The content is available for 3 months from purchase.  


  • Week 1:  Soul landing. Crossing a threshold into a sacred container.
  • Week 2:  Building a field of connection.
  • Week 3:   Individuation of soul within a field 
  • Week 4:   Integration of shadow
  • Week 5:   Initiation and emergence
  • Week 6:   Re- entry and bringing soul into the world.  

Call to Temple offers more than sixty hours of uniquely crafted teachings.  Every day of the week carries its own theme and you will explore the way the soul transmits through ;

  • Consciousness
  • The heart
  • Our emotional body
  • Our eros and sexuality
  • The shamanic realms
  • Higher and lower siddhis (powers)

This is a comprehensive programme of esoteric studies, meditation, sexuality, relationship, communion with the earth, cosmology, creativity and much more.  

The content is delivered through daily video transmissions, meditations and ritual practices.  You will also be invited to join a facebook group to connect with others exploring these teachings.


Name Course: Highden - Call to Temple

Sale Page | Value: $595 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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