Legendary Lover by Helena Nista


Whether you are single, dating or in a committed relationship, you are here because you have a deeper knowing. A knowing that your lovemaking ability holds the key to something far more transformative and beautiful than a fleeting moment of physical release.

When you discover what it takes to be the best lover you can possibly be, you will be doing an extraordinary service to you, the women in your life and maybe even the world. Your unique efforts to take things to the next level will unleash far more fulfilment, mutual nurturing and orgasmic ecstasy you will have experienced. Ever.

It doesn’t matter what kind of intimacy or sex life you have right now. Investing time and energy into your sexual journey will inject more connection, more joy and positive energy into your being. And it will only get better and better.

In a society obsessed with suppressing rather than celebrating sex, now is your time to reverse the tide. Start by discovering the stuff you’re made of. Cast your hesitations aside and stride boldly forward to deepen your intimate connections between the sheets.

  • Are you ready to unlock your full potential in the bedroom?
  • Do you want women to talk about you as the hottest lover in the world?
  • Are you ready for a complete sex life makeover?

The LEGEND methodology will take you through 6 steps of in-depth learning and practical techniques in order to help you become the best lover you can possibly be. This system is only for committed men who are ready to take their lovemaking to the next level of intense connection, deep intimacy, ecstatic pleasure and greater mutual satisfaction. This is the best investment you will ever make in your lovemaking skills.

Based on the principles of Tantra, Taoism, mindfulness and somatic sexology, this program is guaranteed to create more fulfilment, mutual nurturing and orgasmic ecstasy in your sex life.

Whether you are single, dating or in a committed relationship, this program will deeply transform you and give you tools for higher satisfaction in the bedroom.

The LEGEND program consists of 6 steps:

1/Learn your erotic profile

  • Well start by delving into your erotic profile and well explore your fantasies, desires, attractions and sources of arousal.
  • I will help you understand what turns you on and why, how your erotic mind works and how you can use that for more excitement, desire and pleasure in your sex life.
  • Well look at your erotic history and see where your mind might be limiting your sexual experience through subconscious beliefs or unhealed tension.
  • Well explore a mindful approach to sexuality and Ill give you tools to start expanding your experience of sex and pleasure.

2/Engage your body and breath

  • Well discuss what embodiment means and Ill give you practices to deepen your connection with your own body and your physical experience of touch and pleasure.
  • Well discuss the role of breath in feeling and opening up the body to more receptivity and orgasmic bliss.
  • Ill take you through different breathing techniques and youll explore a variety of ways of using your breath as an inner lover.
  • Ill show you how to explore your body the way you have never experienced it before in order to find even more pleasure and sensation.

3/Get off mindfully

  • Well explore your masturbation habits and uncover any hidden shame and guilt in your relationship with your sexuality.
  • Ill show you how you can reclaim your full erotic capacity.
  • Ill coach you in your self-pleasuring practice and Ill give you a vast variety of ideas to explore.
  • Ill guide you into a new, undiscovered territory of pleasure and ecstasy.
  • Ill teach you over 50 new ways to touch your genitals.
  • Well look at your relationship to porn and the role it plays in your arousal.

4/Enjoy receiving

  • Ill teach you about different types of touch and how to use them for more balance and nurturing in a partner-sex.
  • Well explore anal pleasure and all its necessary rules.
  • Ill guide you through a deeply embodied practice of receiving pleasure.
  • Well practice active receiving and youll learn how to ask for what you want without shame, for a fully embodied sexual expression.
  • Youll learn to use breath and movement for more pleasure.

5/Nurture your partner

  • Youll learn about what women really want in a lover.
  • Ill show you how you can get her to initiate sex with you, instead of you always chasing it.
  • Ill coach you in being a master teaser and in enticing her desire.
  • Well practice a deeply erotic breast massage and well explore in detail her genital anatomy.
  • I’ll show you over 50 different ways to pleasure her genitals for a deeply erotic experience.
  • Youll learn to touch your partner in a way that shell be begging for more.

6/Discover your full orgasmic potential

  • Well look into ways of taking sexual energy out of the bedroom and living an ecstatic life.
  • Well discuss what an erotic trance is and how it works.
  • Well talk about maintaining a high level of sexual desire in a long-term relationship and keeping the spark between the two of you alive for many, many years.
  • Well explore making love to nature and delving much deeper into whats possible in sex.
  • Youll learn about having full body orgasms and being a multi-orgasmic man.



Name Course: Helena Nista - Legendary Lover for Men

Sale Page | Value: $697 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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