The 53 Laws is designed to help men become a king with women by providing strategies to trigger hot sexual attraction in them. It aims to give you new options in your dating life, master control over female emotions, and improve your confidence.

This troubleshooting guide is intended to take the guesswork out of meeting beautiful women and high status individuals.

The 53 Laws Of Being A King With Women

If you’re looking for the fastest and most effective way to make women worship you like royalty, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

WARNING: If you don’t have the balls to actually use these wickedly effective Laws of Attraction … leave now.

Here are some of the long-forgotten Laws revealed inside.

  • Always maintain a position of power – how to take “perfect ten” women off the pedestal in your mind… and put yourself on HER pedestal instead

  • The #1 body language shortcut that triggers total sexual submission in any woman…

  • Why you should never chase women… and how to “stack the deck in your favor” when meeting a woman so that she chases YOU.

  • The secret to creating earth-shattering confidence in any situation (this is ONLY for winners)

  • How to dominate your life every day – a stunning confidence builder

  • My simple trick to knowing your true path in life and how to follow it (overnight game-changer).

  • Little-known fashion and style secrets of Hollywood’s most attractive and high status men – gets you noticed right away by the hottest women who would otherwise ignore you.

  • The daily success secret of millionaire CEOs, actors and athletes that takes 5 minutes a day and creates legendary levels of confidence.

  • Your new “default mode” of conversation with every girl you meet. With this technique in your back pocket, you can mess up 90% of an interaction and she will STILL sleep with you.

Bonus items include:

– Effortless Conversation featuring Jon Sinn

– Make Women Want You featuring Jason Capital

– Get Over Her Overnight featuring Dan Dennick

– Be The Guy That Women Crave featuring Marni

– How to Own a Room featuring Joshua Pellicer

– Badass Banter With Women featuring Nick Sparks

– Become a High Status Male featuring Richard La Ruina

– Meeting Women During The Day featuring Andy Yosha

– Get a Perfect 10 Girlfriend featuring Christian Hudson

– Become a Master Communicator featuring David Wygant



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