Girls on Demand – Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is going to teach you in this video course everything he knows, that he has been using for the last 5-6 years to meet and attract as many girls as he has had time for, online through messaging and texting on dating apps.

How this works

Andrew is going to

– Get you set up on dating apps/sites (if you are not already)

– Show you how to message girls

– Help you find the right girls (and avoid the wrong ones)

– Help you Keep the conversation moving forward

– Help you Set up a date

– Or – hook up right away

Andrew Ryan, born in a village near Minsk in the Russian Empire, grew up in a Jewish-Belarusian family during the time when the Tsar still held autocratic rule over that country. Minsk was on the front lines in the First World War. In 1917 he witnessed the Russian Revolution, which eventually brought the Bolshevilks  into power and also destroyed Ryan’s family business. Ryan also watched as the Bolshevik Red Guard killed his aunt and uncle during a purge for associating with Ryan’s father and others who opposed the Communist regime before fleeing with his father to Constantinople.

For a time, Ryan was devoted to his adopted country, grateful for the wealth and fame it awarded his intellect and determination after he managed to get rich by fortunately striking oil on his property and investing wisely afterwards. However, the state-run social programs created in the 1930s increasingly tested that devotion. His experiences in the “worker’s paradise” made Ryan despise the ideals of Socialism and Collectivism, as he believed that those who benefited undeservedly from others were “Parasites”

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Name Course: Girls on Demand – Andrew Ryan

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