Insider Lab by Derek Rake

16 pdfs filled with new Shogun techniques and tactics.

Derek Rake is the founder and chief coach of one of the world’s largest dating and relationship coaching companies, specializing in Mind Control and deep persuasive psychology.

Who Is Derek Rake?

Derek Rake is the founder of the dating advice system known as Shogun Method. 

The system which touts to be “the only seduction system based on Mind Control technology.” To date, Shogun Method has about 17,000 practitioners all over the world and growing.

Derek Rake is assisted by five other dating coaches, each specializing in one area of the system:

  • Ronald Steven, “Get Your Ex Back” specialist
  • Benjamin Damien, “Boyfriend Destroyer” specialist
  • Colin Theodore Simone, rapport building specialist
  • Aaron Allman, brainwave entrainment engineer / coach
  • Shawn Rubin, bootcamps and in-field coach

Perhaps most notably, Derek and his company proudly claim to be “Anti-PUA.” One of the company’s core values is to distance itself from the muck and grime of the pickup artist industry. It claims to do this for the following reasons:

  • The vast majority of pickup artist advice companies out there are after profit. They’re not there to help men lead better relationships and better lives.
  • The vast majority of the advice these PUA companies give are re-hashed from other sources.
  • The vast majority of pickup advice is designed to make you fail at certain points. This then requires you to subscribe to another program or buy another book, etc.

What’s more, Derek Rake is at the spear-tip of the relatively new idea of “mind control seduction.” As a result, he has been featured in several publications, including:

  • FHM
  •  SIBG
  • New York Times
  • Marie Claire
  • PUA Database
  • Calvin Pont’s Lifestyle Coaching Blog


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