Derek Chapman - Russian Doll Technique

Hi everyone thanks for listening my name is Derek Chapman.

Briefly, I just wanted to share with you how an incredibly easy to learn process has transformed my Hypnotherapy practice and income, a discovery I made after spending over £150K on various training programs.

Despite all this great information that I put into practice I was still struggling to get the results and clients I needed to make my practice work.

Then I had a thought after the umpteenth workshop what if I could create a metaphor for the client so they could effectively dissociate themselves from the problem they were experiencing.

One day I was in my local market and I saw 3 Russian dolls, if you haven’t seen them, it’s like a body within a body within a body, dissociation!

So, my mind went crazy searching for how I could use this idea in therapy.

Anyhow, I came up with a “Spatial Emotional” change work concept I’ve named “The Russian Doll Technique®”

It’s completely unique in the Hypnotherapy world and the results have been astounding.

I first used the technique to cope during my father's ill health and final death. It gave me the breathing space to cope.

I’ve used it to quickly and easily eliminate tough problems like drug, alcohol addiction, gambling, irrational fears, and severe phobias.

Clients and Hypnotherapists absolutely love it and now I have a constant stream of referrals.

I’ve also taught it to many Hypnotherapists around the World such as Jason Linett from the USA, in fact, you'll see me working with Jason on the inside.

Watch what leading Hypnotherapists are saying about the Russian Doll Technique


Name Course: Derek Chapman - Russian Doll Technique

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