Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster - Ross Jeffries

Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster - Become A Daytime Pick Up Master, Get Women Dripping With My Never-Before-Taught Seduction Language Patterns, And Have A "Crush It" Mindset For Wild Success In Every Area Of Your Life!

You will learn to:

  • Use curiosity to approach young women and get them swiftly taking their panties off
  • Use "cold reads" to implant vivid sexual imagery in her mind, even when other people are watching
  • Avoid the 3 biggest errors when using the "direct approach" - and start using it the RIGHT way
  • Use three "humor hacks" to ensure she's laughing herself into you (instead of laughing her ass off AT you!)
  • Mentally use "The More, The More" Pattern to get yourself MORE confident with the women who turn you on the MOST! (This will totally reverse the "Can't Get The 9s and 10s" Syndrome. The hotter you find her, the more confidently you'll approach.)
  • Effectively use "The Fake Apology" to blow her out of the water and show the biggest balls in town!
  • Turn her hurry into horny - AKA how to stop her when she's in a rush and make her ready to get down and gush
  • Take the conversation in five (count 'em, FIVE) different directions once you've opened, to swiftly pattern her panties off. (No more guesswork on where to go next - I clearly map out the branches of this tree for you.)

Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster - The Very Best, Most Effective Seduction Pattern I've Ever Taught - In 30 Years!

You'll also learn:

  • How to use Sexual "Feed Forward Loops" to get her obsessively fantasizing about banging you
  • How to use the four Seduction Conversation Formats to stack suggestions and create maximum receptivity
  • How to use "Deep Dive Questions" to get her telling you exactly what you need to say to bounce her straight into your bed
  • How and when to introduce Sexual Metaphor into the conversation to implant the naughtiest thoughts in her noggin’
  • What to say to younger women, to turn them on - and stay out of trouble!
  • The exact, word for word language that gets women calling YOU first (this works especially well on younger women!)
  • How to use "Cold Reads" to get her talking about her wildest fantasies

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Name Course: Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster - Ross Jeffries

Sale Page | Value: $397 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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