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It takes into account the different types of women you meet, different elements of your circumstances, accounts for different types of situations, and for how the conversation goes.

A very powerful model to understand and master seduction. The most complete conversation course made to attract and seduce hot women.

What you have seen might have shocked you – Deepak, the Indian guy reaching his fourties, seduced and slept with one hot girl after the other. And he is even showing it, outrageous!

Sex is something good, something natural. It is why humanity exists, people are born because of sex.

Setting you up for success

We will light up a burning desire for success in you, that’ll help you overcome ANY obstacle

How everything comes together: You will learn how ALL seduction elements come beautifully together to get you laid!

The full seduction model: We explain to you how a full pickup looks like and how your conversations will make every other part almost effortless

Ever tried to copy what a dating coach says one to one? It does not work, because you need to understand WHEN to do certain things and how to do them in relation to each other.

Make your voice your seductive secret weapon! Deepak will show you how to modulate your voice when you want to have a particular effect. Want to connect more with a girl?

Talk like this! Want to be perceived more badass? Talk like that!


Name Course: Conversation Domination – WayneDatingLifestyle

Sale Page | Value: $42 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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