Bobby Rio – Amplify The Attraction

Bobby Rio – Amplify The Attraction

Tools, Strategies, and Mindset for Attracting Beautiful Women

Attraction Building Blueprint Videos and Audios 1-3

– How to Guide for Attraction

– What to Say and Do

– ATTITUDE and the way you come across as you say or do it

Control the Attraction Video and Audio 4

– How to Guide for Controling a Woman’s Attraction

– 10 Methods for Capturing her Mental Space

– ATTITUDE and the way you come across as you say or do it

Bobby Rio’s Reports 5 PDFs

– Attraction Magnets

– Uncover Her Sex Signals

– Control Her Attention

– Bang Her

– Book of Openers

If you’re finding yourself opening women, but not taking things any further, definitely check it out. Amplify the Attraction is much more than just more abstract theory. Bobby includes lots of examples and stories to flesh out the material. The tips he offers are turnkey and easy to implement, so you can use them right after you finish going through the modules.

This product is more geared toward beginners or intermediate guys, but there’s some quality information on more advanced concepts like fast isolation. In fact, if you’re having trouble isolating girls, you really should check this product out. There’s definitely some great stuff in there on that specific phase of an interaction. (I know after years of coaching guys that isolating is something most guys struggle with.)

Since the link below is an affiliate link, I will also add my own bonus. Since I stand behind this product 100 percent, I’m also going to kick in my short eBook, “The 5 Secrets of Desire”. I feel this eBook is a nice complement to Bobby’s material because it explains attraction on a biological level.

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Name Course: Bobby Rio – Amplify The Attraction

Sale Page | Value: $115| Release Date: 2018 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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