Neil Strauss - Be The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

Whilst this is average deep inner game content it does provide a useful introduction to Neil Strauss's work post writing The Game (US BookUK Book).

As with all of Neil Strauss’s work it is sprinkled with golden nuggets, cutting analysis and insight but overall contains too much filler and average content.

Although it has a ‘pickup’ focus, most of the content is generally applicable to everything from day to day social interactions, business relationships and presenting.

More than any social dynamics teacher Neil provides insights into human nature that make it worth the time and cost. Even if you only learn and apply one thing from this course - you will become more interesting, if not the most interesting person in the room.

For me the early sections, about how to introduce your self i.e. focusing on being memorable over being understood, were the most valuable alongside how to elicit someone’s core value.

Overall I recommend some of his other courses over this that I'll be reviewing here soon.


Name Course: Neil Strauss - Be The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

Sale Page | Value: $199 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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