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About the Sedulearning

Are you struggling to understand why you're single or why none of your relationships work out?

Do you look on with bemusement as friends find partners, wondering if you'll ever meet your match?

Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes in relationships and getting the same results?

Are you over dating commitment-phoebes, flaky partners or people who can't meet your needs?

Are you worried you're running out of time to find love (especially if you want a family)?

We know how you feel.

Dating is draining. But it doesn't have to be. We’re not the experts but ordinary people who used to fall in love, break up, make up, get married, struggle in marriage and achieve our freedom. 

After all, we put all of what were learned into new, improved, transformational courses. Love is a wonderful journey for everyone as long as you know how to do it. As always.


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What Our Clients Say

A MUST LEARN for anyone who is single, dated, or married...”

“A MUST LEARN for anyone who is single, dated, or married and wants to improve their relationships.
I truly wish I had this as a teen approaching adulthood! The courses practically share advise on how to improve your relationships. Everyone can learn something and I promise you won’t regret making this your next purposes in 2020.”

Mike Tatum

Relationship Goals the series this site provides was AMAZING!! ...”

“Relationship Goals the series this site provides was AMAZING!! The overview is just a walk through so you can choose the one suitable for you. The lecturers are so genuine about helping people win in relationships and you can tell through every word and every page. Thank the admins so much for giving us something we didn’t even know we need.”

Anna Steel