8 Weeks Out - The Fundamentals of Strongman Training

Module 1: Strongman Overview
Module 2: Tire Flip
Module 3: Farmers Walk
Module 4: Axle Clean and Press Part1
Module 5: Axle Clean and Press Part2
Module 6: Yoke Walk
Module 7: Atlas Stone Part1
Module 8: Atlas Stone Part2
Module 9: Creating Equipment
Module 10: Accessory Lift
Module 11: Simulating Implements and Events
Module 12: Training Supplies and Supportive Equipment
Module 13: How to Program and Train Events
Module 14: Programming Your Training Cycle


Name Course: 8 Weeks Out - The Fundamentals of Strongman Training

Sale Page | Value: $25.96 | Release Date: 2020 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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