5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 - James Marshall

5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 - If you’re a guy who wants true change in your dating life, based on authentic holistic methods, the 5 Principles of Natural Seduction: Legacy Edition holds the answers. This course has a proven track record for incredible results and is even better constructed than the first releases.


  • Each week, you’ll receive a new module to watch via a private membership site.
  • In the module, you’ll have a theory section on the principle, where I break down in depth and within easily applicable frameworks how the principles work.
  • Then action steps and daily missions designed to gradually take you out of your comfort zone into enjoying social freedom, meeting and connecting effectively with women, as well as reaching balance, inner calm and confidence through personal change and meditation methods
  • Alongside the primary course you’ll get a huge library of exclusive bonus material, breaking open the vault on TNL prestige information.
  • You’ll also join a private Facebook group where you’ll have a community of like-minded guys to mastermind with, where I will daily motivate and mentor you and where you can ask any questions you have related to the course.
  • I’ll personally host 5 webinars where you can pick my brain, go through nuances of the course lessons, get motivation, refinement and accountability from me and the group.
  • At the end of the 6 weeks training you’ll receive the Legacy Edition updated modules to deepen and consolidate your progress.



  • A simple exercise to do everyday to develop daily mindfulness. If you’ve ever procrastinated with meditation practice, this is a no-fuss, no mess way of building your mindfulness habit.
  • The two kinds of awareness and why you need to understand both of them. If you don’t know this framework of awareness, you’ll always have trouble having a clear mind. And so much more...
  • How to use awareness to have smooth, calibrated openers with women on the street. You’ll notice that me and my coaches rarely have harsh blowouts, and that most women are open to talking from the start. I’ll show you the secret exercise we use to do that.
  • The simple solution to complete relaxation in front of a beautiful women. Men tend to freak out at the sign of a hot chick. Breasts, hair, legs = tensed, uncomfortable, and generally scaring her off. But if you’re relaxed, she’s more likely to be open to meeting you.


  • The intention to have when you approach to have zero approach anxiety.
    3 steps to project a clear, powerful intent that grabs her attention and piques her sexual curiosity. This can even be done just by looking into her eyes, without saying a single word.
  • How to blaze sexual intent in a respectful manner that sets you apart from the bland predictable nice guys and the sleazy ones, and instead has her classify you as a potential lover.
  • Why some guys don’t ever get results in seduction even after years of approaching women.
  • 1 exercise for better posture, confidence and intent that you can do just walking down the street.


  • How to align the 3 levels of communication so that she’s left wanting to see you again.
  • Why it doesn’t matter how long you talk to a woman, it matters how intense the time is. I'll show you how to use emotional impact to turn everyday approaches into potential love affairs in minutes.
  • The simple GSPR framework that reveals her motivations and desires. Ever gotten stuck on asking boring questions and having awkward replies? This framework of conversation removes all that stress.


  • How to turn awkward pauses into sexual tension. If you’re a shy, introverted guy, this will have women giggling and opening up about themselves in conversation.
  • The simple QCQ framework that applies pressure and challenges her to fully engage with you and invest in the interaction. This powerful technique flips the typical power dynamic between men and women on it's head so that she chases you.
  • How to drastically reduce your flake rate and get consistent, solid numbers.
  • How to become comfortable and spontaneous in pressurized situations, meaning your comfort zone gets blasted open and new opportunities in all areas don’t daunt you anymore.


  • How to spot easy opportunities with women most men miss out on.
  • Why most men are the ones that often miss key moments to escalate (rather than the woman resisting your advances) and what to do in those crucial moments.
  • Why you can’t wait for expressed verbal permission from a woman to physically escalate and the #1 mindset to have when it comes to pulling the trigger.
  • What women actually want when it comes to you knowing what you want, escalating, leading and making the moves that get her addicted to your masculine power.


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Name Course: 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 - James Marshall

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